How to set up AMX Mod X Studio

Notice this is not AMX Mod X, so if you\’re looking to install AMXX, you\’re in the wrong place.If you want to make your own custom plugins or customize others from source code, you\’ll do better than running the online compiler by using AMXX Studio

  1. Go to
  2. Download the latest AMXX Full Installer
  3. Install the program
  4. Run AMX X Studio. You should have the code editor in front of you.
  5. Go to Tools > Settings on the top tab
  6. You should see a window like this:

You won\’t have the “Compiler” textbox filled because you need to link it yourself. From the AMX X Full Installer you should have installed amxxpc.exe. Make sure all your folders (data, scripting) in the /…/amxx (AMX X root directory) are in the same location. So click the “…” button on the Pawn-Compiler section and select amxxpc.exe and set up your output directory (where files are outputted). Do the same with the next section. The C++ compiler to link is in scripting/compiler.exe

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